In the Notes tab, the User can view video clips for any annotation or designation with an associated video. The Export tool can be used to customize video clips and gatheran estimated duration for a set of customized clips. The User can export a single video clip or a stitched-together compilation of video clips using the Filter box to customize the set. Exported clips are in either MPG or MP4 format.

        Export a Single Video Clip

To export a single video clip, click on the Export clip button (downward arrow icon) and select the export file format.

        Based on the chosen format, the system will generate either an MPG or MP4 file of the video clip for that annotation or designation.

        Edit a Video Clip

The User will be able to edit the clip as preferred by clicking on the Edit video clip button.

        Use the (+) and (-) buttons, or slide the bar left or right, to assign start and end times for the video clip, and then Save. 

Refining Video clips will save the changes, permanently, for every User. The changes will reflect after the User saves video clips.