All notes created on documents and transcripts, including designations and comments, are housed together in the Notes tab. Click on one of the shortcuts to generate a customized report of those notes (e.g. All Notes will show all unrestricted notes created and shared by all Users).

Once the shortcut is chosen and the notes have loaded, the User can sort and filter them to specific transcripts/documents/tags/authors, or search against the notes using the Find box.


Here the User can choose to drill down the view of the notes against more narrow criteria such as specific Transcripts, Documents or Folders, Tags or Authors.

Find in Notes

Type a term in this box and it will search within the notes, displaying only the notes that match the query.

Sort By

Notes can be sorted by Document, Tags, Authors or Date.

Easily refine the report using the Filter box:

  • Documents: All, None or a custom selection of folders.
  • Transcripts: Select specific transcript names.
  • Note Tags: Filter by note tags applied in notes.
  • Authors: Filter by the author of an annotation.
  • Recipients: Filter by the chosen recipients of an annotation.
  • Note Properties: Display different styles of annotation.
  • Document Tags: Show notes made across Document Tagged documents.
  • Chronology: Options regarding Chronology items.
  • Designations: Filter by designation types.
  • Overlapping Designations: Choose to filter on overlapping or non-overlapping designations.