New Document Types can be created in the Opus 2 Admin Tab > Metadata page, in the upper area of the page within the Document Types section.

If a specific Document Type that applies to certain case documents that will be uploaded to Opus 2 is not included in the default list, the user may create a new Document Type. For instance, if the user or case team expects to be uploading a good number of memo documents as part of a case, then they can create a "Memo" Document Type and add custom fields to associate with it.

Click on the New Document Type Button to add a new TYPE (outside of the default Types listed above). Adding a new Document Type is often used when one of the types contains too many fields, and/or the field is often edited.

Type in the name of the Document Type.

Add any applicable Fields, taking care to select the correct field Type. Hit APPLY to save all changes.