Overlapping designations are the sections of text in the transcript that have two or more designations applied to it. 

These designations are usually applied in tandem by co-counsel or opposing counsel, or by members of the same case team who hold different roles. Opus 2 offers the ease and convenience of filtering to only the overlapping or non-overlapping designations so that the display of a transcript's work product or an exported copy becomes less cluttered.

Overlapping Designations in Transcript Filters

Transcript filters allow users to customize the work product they would like to view within the Transcript and transcript filter wall or include in export. Please note that any filters selected will also apply into exported copies of the transcript. 

For overlapping designations, select to view either overlapping or non-overlapping (single designations applied) only, or opt to view both. Note that the stacked Filter icon will be highlighted in GREEN anytime a filter is applied.

Overlapping Designations in Notes Tab Filter

Choose to filter on overlapping or non-overlapping designations so that these are displayed and can be used for generating video clips or exported reports in the Notes tab.