The following are the Search Operator options available in the drop-down menu:

Search Operator Choice



Search term is included within value of the field.

This performs a search for the word/value within a set of words/values for METADATA fields (option "equals" is not available for general search categories such as "Text" or "Name"). This search pulls in hits that contain the word as part of a larger word; for instance, search term "meet" will pull in "meet", "meets" and "meetings."

Do an OR (multiple builder) search to searchvariations.

Cannot use a wildcard (*).

Please note: If a wildcard search is required, contact Admin to change field to “Extended Text” type. 

does not equal 

Search term is not found within value of field.

in range 

Date field is within customized range.

starts with 

Search on any number of characters that starts a value (e.g. a production prefix).

is not empty 

Search for any value except empty.

is empty 

Search for empty value.

Document “Name” field and metadata fields set to “Extended Text” or “Number” in the backend (please contact Admin), have the following operator choice:

Search Operator Choice



Search term is included within value of the field.

This performs an EXACT search for the word within a set of words. To eliminate variations, enclose search term(s) inside QUOTES. For instance: ""meet"" (in quotes) - will only pull in "meet" and NOT "meets" or "meetings."

Can use wildcard (*) to include variations (e.g. meet* will include meet, meeting, meetings).

does not contain 

Search term is not included within the value of the field.