Boolean Operators


Boolean operators allow for terms to be combined in various ways that will affect search results. The Search window will allow for term or phrase searches with Boolean operators (AND,OR).

Entering ‘AND’ between two words will return only documents where both terms are present.

Entering ‘OR’ between two words will return documents where either or both terms are present.

Please note: When typing a string in the Search window, ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ must be entered in all capital letters. Phrase searches should be within quotations “”, e.g. “sale of goods”.

Query Builder


Complex query building is available by clicking on Builder. Type in a search term in the search window and click on Builder to configure terms, search against metadata, search against Tags, and group sets of search terms. The following sections detail how to build complex queries.

The User can create search queries by DRAGGING and DROPPING the buttons ‘AND’, ‘OR’, ‘Near’ (proximity) and ‘Fuzzy’ (approximate) operators from the builder to the search string work area.

Click on the "+" button on the left to add a term line, and drag and drop the AND/OR button into the query.

Users have the options to search against searchable Text, Tags and Metadata fields by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Users also have Search Operator options customized for Text, Tags and Metadata field searches.

Click on the downward arrow for the library feature, and Opus 2 then displays all possible values for the selected metadata field.

*Please see the User Guide article on "Search Query Operators" for more details.