Please follow the below numerical limits when uploading data or adding work product to a Opus 2 workspace. Surpassing these guidelines is unlikely to cause significant issues, but may rresult in degraded performance.


Workspaces per server    1,000+

Not tested beyond this point

Users per workspace    100+

Email alert function will be slow to save

notes when being shared with high

number of users

Concurrent users per server    200+

The recommended limit is on the

number of concurrent users, which are

users logged in and working on a server

at the same time. There is no hard limit

on the number of total users that can be

added to a server.


Documents in workspace    60,000

Recommended limit for optimal

performance. Load times will begin to

increase beyond this number.

Pages per document    5,000

High numbers of pages for a single

document may cause issues with search


Size of pages per document


(33.1 x 46.8


It is recommended that any large format

documents be scaled down to an

appropriate size in PDF format before

uploading to the system.

Documents per folder    5,000

Sorting/Display issues can occur above

this number

Folders per workspace    20,000

Not tested beyond this point.

Characters in Folder Name    128

Nested subfolders    10+

Viewing of documents becomes more

onerous the further the nesting extends

Metadata fields/columns    25

This is the recommended guideline,

as more metadata fields with values coded

to documents will begin to impact

performance of ‘Find’ functionality across

the Documents page index.


Transcripts in workspace    50,000

We recommend total transcripts and

documents to be below 50,000.

Pages per transcript    500

Not tested beyond this point.

Designation types    200

Not tested beyond this point.

Designations per transcript 1,000

Not tested beyond this point.

Overlap designations, display    10

This is a hard limit for display purposes

Overlap designations, export    6

This is a hard limit for export purposes


Quantity of document tags    10,000+

Not tested beyond this point

Documents (per doc. tag)    5,000

Behavious is similar to folders

Quantity of note tags    2,000+

Not tested beyond this point.

Tags per note    10+

Not tested beyond this point

Nested tags    10+

Notes per workspace    10,000


Row entries per load file    10,000

Column entries per load file    25

Characters per metadata field    250

Characters across all metadata    1,000

fields per document

This is a hard limit that includes blank

character spaces


Chronology entries    5,000+

Not tested beyond this point.

Tags per chronology entry    100

Not tested beyond this point.


Documents per upload    1,000

Recommended limit.

Size limit of INDIVIDUAL document in an upload batch

> 1.5 GB

Recommended limit for a SINGLE document; 

documents at or close to this size should be 

uploaded by itself and not in a batch.

Total size of documents per

upload batch                           2 GB

Recommended limit. Suggest uploading

larger document sets in batches to prevent

any timeout issues.

Total size of deposition

videos per upload        8+ GB


Total size of documents per    2 GB

document export    

Larger exports sometimes encounter

issues downloading in the browser. Suggest

splitting up large export jobs into batches

where possible.

Notes per report    


Search hits per report    



An unlimited quantity of video files can be managed via

Opus 2 Opus 2. The only contingency is the storage space

available to your firm.