To help optimize data security requirements on certain matters, there is now an Admin page option that allows workspaces to display a custom message to users on login, which must be accepted before access to content is granted; this is most useful for GDPR and when managing external user access. Users with Workspace Admin and System Admin access can set up the agreement.

Custom agreements are set on a per-workspace basis and are displayed for all users who access the workspace, by default; this can be customized to display to only certain users depending on their role in the workspace.

1. Navigate to the Admin tab of the workspace and click on the Agreement option on the left-hand side of the page. This will lead to the Workspace Agreement page.

2. Click on the Pen icon to enable typing or pasting of the desired custom agreement text.

3. Type or paste in the desired text. Text may be entered in bold, italics, underlined or in bullets.


4. Hit Save in the bottom right corner once done.

5. Ensure that the Enable custom agreement checkbox is ticked so that the agreement is turned on for the workspace.

6. To set which users will see the workspace agreement upon accessing the workspace, navigate to the Roles page in the Admin tab, and check or uncheck the Display Custom Agreement capability that corresponds to each user role, as preferred. Make sure to save all changes. 

7. Once set, the agreement will show upon logging into Opus 2. The user will need to click Accept in order to access the workspace.