The Transcript Export dialogue has been revamped with more options to customize exports. Advanced options will allow control over general formatting, layout, work product selections and custom header/footer text. 

To export a transcript, navigate to the Tools menu within the Transcript view, and click on Export Transcript.

This will launch the Export Transcript dialogue.


Export Transcript Dialogue

The basic options for transcript exports allows selections for layout and options to include a cover page, word index, annotations or designation in exported transcripts. Users may also select to export out all transcript pages, or a range of pages. 

All basic and advanced option selections can be saved as the DEFAULT export settings per user by clicking on the Set As Default button at the bottom of the dialogue. This means that the selections are preserved for all exports for that particular user only.

These selections can be cleared and the original settings restored by clicking on the Restore Default button at the bottom of the dialogue.

Export Transcript Advanced Options

Click on the Advanced Options button to further customize transcript exports.

General: This tab features the basic options for transcript exports.

Header/Footer: The style and positioning of header and footer text can be set in this tab.


Work Product: More detailed options are offered here with regards to placement, highlighting, etc. of annotations and designations.

Layout: Users can now select vertical versus horizontal page layout, font type, font size, line spacing, adding a border, line & page numbering position and adding a cover page.