This feature in Opus 2 is quite useful when an Admin user would like to restrict access to folders or individual documents to certain users or user groups only.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From the Documents tab, the user can apply ACL to the relevant Folders or to the relevant individual documents.
  2.  Right-click on the folder, document or transcript and select "Access" from the drop-down.The ACCESS dialogue box will open and display these initial settings. These settings can be changed to conform to your security preferences for that folder or document/transcript.
    1. Click on "Default Access" and select "Access Control List" from the options to assign access to a specific user group.
    2. If the "Inherit from Parent" option is selected, the folder or document will maintain the security settings of its root (parent) folder. Hence, if there is no ACL/access restriction on the parent folder, which is the default, then the selected folder will not have ACL either.
    3. The Security Groups tab will allow you to select a GROUP from the list that can access the folder or document. (NOTE: You can confirm in the Admin > Groups page which users are in the security group; if this is not accessible, please refer to a System Admin or Workspace Admin user.) To limit access to this folder to a specific security group, check the box that corresponds to the group name: 
    4. The Users tab will allow you to select INDIVIDUAL USERS from within the workspace who can access the folder or document. Only users with their corresponding boxes checked will be able the access the folder/document.
  3. Click "Apply" when done.
  4. A small padlock icon will now appear next to the folder, document or transcript to signify that the document has been ACL applied. 
  5. To ensure that ACL is applied to ALL documents and subfolders under the relevant parent folder, click on Advanced, then click on the checkbox at the bottom of the ACCESS dialogue where it says "Force changes to all documents and sub-folders." Hit Apply.