Workspace administrators can add new users to Opus 2 and manage their roles within the workspace. 

Step-by-step guide

Creating a new User Account:

  1. Type in the email account of the User in the Email box. 

  2. Choose the user's role by clicking on the drop-down button and selecting the desired role.
  3. Click on Invite to create the account and send an invitation email to the user to register in the workspace.
  4. The User will receive an email notification with a link to the workspace. This link will allow the User to register to the workspace and Set Details (Name, Username - to use as part of the credentials), and Signature (which will be tied to work product). 

Editing an existing User Account:

  1. Click on the checkbox to the right of the User Account in order to manage it. A box containing editing options will appear.
  2. Please see below the descriptions of each option for managing a user account:
    1. Delete: Removes the User Account from the workspace completely. (Please note: work product for a deleted user is still preserved in the system.)
    2. Edit:Add or edit the following user information:
      1. Name
      2. Email
      3. Username
      4. Signature
      5. Role
    3. Send Two-Factor Code: This option will generate and send a new, one-time authentication code to the user's email address so that they can log into the Opus 2 server securely.
    4. Reset Attempts: Use this option when the account is highlighted in DARK GREY in the Legend, which signifies "Too Many Failed Attempts" at logging into the workspace. Users will be locked out after entering incorrect credentials three (3) times.
    5. Resend Registration Link: Use this option ONLY if the user has not yet registered, typically if the registration link in their initial invitation email expires after a 72-hour window.
    6. Disable Workspace User: Suspends access in the specific workspace where the suspension is applied. This maintains any work product created by the user.
    7. Enable Workspace User: Re-allows access to the User in the specific workspace where their account was initially disabled.
    8. Undo Auto-lock: If a User does not access a workspace within three (3) months, the account will be "auto-locked" for security purposes. The "Undo Auto-Lock" option allows access to the user in that specific workspace again.