This Opus 2 feature is useful for assigning users into groups to control access to specific Documents and Transcripts. This allows restriction of access for certain users to specific folders only, while still allowing other users to have full access of the entire workspace.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Security Groups are created from the Admin Tab in the Groups section; note that an Administrator role is required in order to create and manage Security Groups.
  2. Click on the Admin Tab of Opus 2, and proceed to the Groups section. Existing security groups will each be displayed in boxes on the right-hand side.
  3. Under Security Groups, click on New Security Group. A box will pop up where the desired group name may be entered. Type in the name and click OK to save changes. 
  4. To add members to the new group, click on the group box, then click on the desired users in the Workspace Users box to add them to the group. The user's names will turn dark blue and appear in the group box.
  5. Click Save Changes when done adding users.
  6. To rename, delete or copy a Security Group, click on the Group button in the upper right-hand corner of the Security Group box. A drop-down menu will appear with the options to Rename, Delete or Copy As.
    1. Rename: the New Name for Security Group box will pop up; type in the desired name. Click OK to save changes.
    2. Delete: a message will appear asking for confirmation to delete the group. Click OK to finalize deletion.
    3. Copy As: essentially creates a clone of an existing Security Group. The New Name box will pop up again so that you can assign a name for your clone. This also copies over all the users from the original group. 
      1. NOTE: Please refresh the browser cache after using the Copy As function in order to see the new group(s) that were created.
  7. To delete users from a Security Group, simply click anywhere inside the Security Group dialogue box and click on the X next to a user's name. Once done, the user's name will be displayed with a strikethrough indicating it has been deleted. Click on Save Changes to finalize.


  • Please ensure that you refresh your browser cache after you create every Security Group ; this is an important step so as to allow you to see all of the Security Groups you have created.
  • The Opus 2 behavior that makes this a necessary step for creation of Security Groups, will be corrected in a future release of Opus 2.