Notes Groups are used to separate and group together sets of User accounts (e.g. create a Note Group for each law firm). Note Groups are used to set viewing permissions on notes/annotations; and customize reports in the Notes tab.

Once a Note Group is created, it will be available in the Notes dialogue box as an option to customize viewing permission of the note. Once applied, only Users in the specified Note Group(s) will be able to view the note.

Step-by-step guide

Notes Groups are created in the Admin Tab > Groups page.

To create a Notes Group:

  1. Click on New Note Group. In the dialogue box, type the name of the new group. 
  2. To add members to the Group, click on the name of the group within the box.
  3. Once the group has been selected, click the name of each member to add in the Workspace Users box on the left. The members will auto populate within the Group box. Click on Save Changes. 

To delete members from a Notes Group:

  1. Click within the Note Group box, and click on the "X" button next to the users to be removed. That user's name will then be crossed out. Click on Save Changes

To rename, delete and copy an entire Notes Group:

  1. Click on the Group drop-down in the specific Notes Group to Rename, Delete and Copy an existing Notes Group. 
  2. The Copy as function will copy the members of the existing group to a new group. 

To assign access to a Notes group:

  1. Once a group has been set, access can now be assigned to selected tags. Open up a document or transcript with preexisting tags, or create some new tags.
  2. Click on a tag so that it opens up the Notes dialogue box. Click on the down arrow next to the To box, which opens up the list of assigned viewers. From here, select the Group name to grant access to the chosen tag. 
  3. Click Save to finalize any changes.