Users with System Admin rights can change other users' email addresses in Opus 2 while still ensuring that all notes, annotations and any other work done by the user remains preserved and linked to their user account.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From the Opus 2 Home Page, navigate to System Admin.
  2. Ensure the user (that is to have an email address change) is logged out of Opus 2.
  3. Go to the Users Tab on the System Admin page. Locate and select the user whose email address will be changed. Click on the user to select, ensuring the corresponding box is checked.
  4. Click on Tools and then select the Change Email option.
  5. Enter the user’s new email address, followed by your System Admin password, in the CHANGE EMAIL dialogue.
    •  Please note : Opus 2 does not verify the new email address actually exists; the System Admin needs to ensure that the new email address is entered correctly.
  6. Click "Apply" to save this change to the user’s profile then refresh your browser cache (CONTROL+SHIFT+R).
  7. Notifications will pop up asking you to confirm the change to the user’s email address, and to acknowledge the change that Opus 2 has made. Click OK in these dialogue boxes.
  8. To further confirm this change has taken place, search for the user whose email address has been changed; the entry will display like this:
    • The user’s new/updated email address for accessing Opus 2 is listed first, while the former email address they used to originally register with Opus 2 is always listed inside parentheses. 
  9. From this point forward, the user must log in to Opus 2 using the new email address.
    • Their Password and Memorable Word remain unchanged (from whatever the user had previously set these details to).
    • Opus 2 will recognize all work created by the user before the email address change, and all work created by the user after the email address change, to be by one and the same user/author.
    • Any notifications, sent by other users via work added to documents, will be sent to this user’s NEW email address.
    • If this user should need to recover their account details, Opus 2 will send the recovery link email to the user’s NEW email address. 
  10. NOTE:It is not currently possible to change a user’s role in Opus 2 if that user is no longer logging into Opus 2 with their original/initial email address.
    • If any user with an updated email address should require a change of role in Opus 2, follow the below steps:
      1. Ensure the user is logged out of Opus 2.
      2. Make a separate note of the user’s current email address used for logging into Opus 2.
      3. Using the procedure above, temporarily change the user’s email address back to the original one that they used to register with Opus 2; this is the email address listed inside the brackets.
      4. Update the user’s role.
      5. Using the procedure above, restore the user’s current email address.
      6. Ask the user to log back into Opus 2, and the changes will be applied.

Only Super Admin users can carry out this change on behalf of the end user.