Users are currently not able to view a Designation's author while in the Transcript view, but they can do so from the Notes tab or by performing a CSV export. 

Step-by-step guide

Using the Notes Tab

  1. The Notes tab displays information on who created a designation and when it was created. Navigate to the Notes tabs and click on Designations.
  2. Select the desired transcript containing the designations by using the check boxes next to the transcript name, or use the filters on the left-hand side to drill down to the desired designations. Click on the plus sign on the right-hand side to expand the selection. 
  3. The Designation authors can be viewed within each entry, along with the date and time the designation was created.
  4. Within the Authors section in the left-hand Filter wall, users can also select specific designations and view ONLY the designations from any selected author.

Using a CSV Export of Designations

  1. In the Notes Tab, after selecting the desired Designations, click on the Tools button in the upper right-hand side, and select Export Documents from the menu.
  2. Select CSV in the Export Notes dialogue box.  
  3. Click Export. Once the file is ready, click to download and open. 
  4. A column in the CSV will give the author for each designation. 

Please note that disabled or inactive users will still show with each designation entry.