Users can access and view a quick summary of all designations, links and comments within a transcriptThe Filter button also allows further specifications to be applied for viewing work product; once a Filter is applied, these options will be carried over into exported copies of the transcript.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To view a quick summary of all designations and comments within a transcript, view the Filter section on the right side of the Transcript view. All designations and comments will be listed here in the color that corresponds to their designation type, and will include page/line numbers.
  2. Users can toggle out certain work product to view specific items. The icons will appear with a red diagonal strike-through line, indicating they have been toggled. 
    • To view only designations, toggle out of Notes and linked documents by clicking on the respective icons for Notes (pen icon) and Links (chain icon). 
    • To view only Notes, toggle out Links and Designations. 
    • To view only Links (usually linked exhibits), toggle out Notes and Designations.
  3. To further customize the Designations view on the Filter wall, click the Filter button. Tick and untick options under Authors and Designations as preferred. The Filter button will turn GREEN, indicating that a filter has been applied.  NOTE: All selections made in the Filter menu will be carried over into exported copies of the Transcript. For instance, if only Defendant designations are ticked in the Filter menu, only this designation type will show up in the exported transcript. To remove this, simply refresh the page and the filters will be removed.