Opus 2 Designation functionality includes all the text to the end of a line by default, and currently does not have the functionality to directly apply partial-line designations. However, the following steps will allow users a workaround for any partial-line designations.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a set of designations-related Note Tags via Manage Tags. To group the designation-related Note Tags together, either nest the tags under a Designations parent tag; OR name the tags “Designations_” so that they list alphabetically together (e.g. Designations_Plaintiff, Designations_Defendant).
    1. Parent Designations tag with nested tags
    2. Top-level designations-related tags:

  2. To create reports that are coordinated with the actual designations, choose matching colors between the Designation and its counterpart Note Tag (e.g. purple for “Plaintiff Designation” and purple for “Designations_Plaintiff”).
  3. In the transcript, highlight the partial line annotation.
  4. The annotations dialogue box will appear. It may be necessary to click on the Manage Designations brackets icon to get it into annotations mode.

  5. Click on the appropriate designation Note Tag and Save.
  6. To view and export the designations and related notes tags together, the User will have to filter for both types. Customization of Filter options affects the export. Exporting in Transcript tab and Notes tab is described in (7) and (8) below.
  7. In the Transcripts tab, use the Filter to include both the Designation type (e.g. Plaintiff Designations) and the Note Tag (e.g. Designations_Plaintiff).
  8. In the Designations section of the Filter box, click on the Designation type(s) needed for the Export PDF and/or Export CSV.
  9. Click on the Designation-related Note Tags.
  10. The designations and note tags will display on the the right pane. If color-coordinated, the colors will be similar between the designation and the note tag.
  11. For Export options, click the Tools button on the right.

    1. Choose Export PDF to export the transcript in PDF with the specified designation(s) and related note tag(s).

    2. Choose Export CSV to export the page:line information of the designations. NOTE: This option only includes page:line information of designations, and will NOT include the page:line information of note tag(s).

Creating a Report of Partial-Line Designations:

  1. To create a designations report, the User must choose both the Designation(s) and the designations-related note tag(s) in Notes tab.
  2. Click on the Transcripts shortcut and filter to the associated designation and note tags.
  3. The User can also filter to specific transcripts using the Transcripts section of the Filter box.

  4. If the transcript has video, click on the individual designation and/or annotation to export individual video clips.
  5. Click on the Tools button on the top right for Export options.
  6. Choose Export Report to export a report on the specified designation(s) and related note tag(s).

  7. Choose Export Video to export a compilation of the video clips.