The Manage Designations (brackets icon) allows Users to create, edit or delete designation and comment types. The button is located in Transcripts tab, at the top right side of the screen. Users can also access the Manage Designations button within the Notes dialogue box.

Step-by-step guide

Setting up Designation Types

  1. The first step in starting the designations process is to create a key of Designation types. Click on the Manage Designations icon in the Transcripts tab or in the Notes dialogue box. 

  2. Select the Designations or Comments tab, depending on what type is to be added.

  3. Click Add to create the new designation or comment, then choose a color, and click Save.

    1. Designation Type: Choose the Designations tab, click Add and type in the designation type name. Then click Save. The User can also change the color of the designation by clicking on the icon to the right of the Color option.
    2. Comments Type: Choose the Comments tab, click Add and type in the comment text. Then click Save. 

Manual Application of Designations

  1. 1. Use the cursor to highlight the text to be designated in the transcript. It will become underlined as shown and the Notes dialogue box will display.
  2. Click the Designations (brackets icon)  at the bottom left of the Notes dialogue box.
  3. The Designations dialogue box will display.
  4. Select the Designation type from the drop-down menu, and click Save.
  5. The bracket and Designation margin box will appear alongside the text that has been selected. The margin box will indicate the page and line numbers where the designation begins and ends.

  6. To go back to adding notes to text, click on the Designations (brackets icon), and it will switch back to Notes mode.  Use this button to toggle between Designations mode and Notes mode.

Edit or Delete Designations

  1.  To either edit or delete a Designation, click the Designation margin box in the Transcript view, and hit Edit or Delete.

Apply Comments

  1. To apply comments to designations, click on the Designation margin box, and click Comment
  2. Choose a Comment from the drop-down selections, and hit Save.


Deleting and Recovering Designation Types


  • Designations Types can be deleted from Opus 2 in the Manage Designations dialogue by selecting the type and then clicking on the Delete button at the bottom of the box. WARNING: Removing a Designation Type removes ALL designations associated with it from ALL transcripts.


  • Deleted Designation Types can be RECOVERED, along with their associated designations, from the Admin tab > Recovery tool.
  • Select the Designation Type to be recovered by checking the corresponding checkbox, and then click Recover Selection.
  • Once restored, the designations will appear in their original positions within the transcript(s).