Opus 2 users have the option to replace or update an existing version of a transcript in Opus 2. The Transcript Replacement function fully preserves all work product and eliminates the need to reapply links, annotations, designations and video when the current copy of the transcript needs to be updated.

This is essential in the following scenarios:

  1. Uploading videos: the transcript will need to re-uploaded in MDB format, which contains timecodes, at video upload time in order for videos to be correctly synced with transcript text.
  2. Cosmetic issues with the initial transcript: pages are added/removed, or transcript does not contain 25 lines per page.
  3. Replacing a ROUGH draft with a FINAL, polished copy of the same transcript.
    1. NOTE: if video was uploaded with the initial draft, the final (replacement copy) must be in MDB format to ensure that the video is synced with transcript text, as timecodes are contained in MDB files only.

PLEASE NOTE: Replacement vs. Deletion: All links, annotations, designations and video already assigned to a transcript in Opus 2 will be preserved after a transcript is replaced. However, all current annotations, links, designations and video will be lost if the user opts to delete the Transcript and then either re-import the same version of the document, or import a new version of the document.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. In Opus 2, navigate to the transcript to be replaced. Once it is open, click on Tools and select the Replace Transcript option. 
  2. The Replace Transcript dialogue will appear on screen; the first page of the transcript's current version in Opus 2 will be shown on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on Select a transcript and drill down to the replacement transcript on the local PC or network drive. Click on the file to select it. 
  4. Once the replacement is selected, it will be listed on the right-hand side of the preview pane in the Replace Transcript dialog. 
  5. Click on Replace.
  6. Opus 2 will then replace the existing copy of the transcript in Opus 2 with the selected version; a pop-up notification will appear when the process is complete.
  7. Click OK to reload the Transcript view in Opus 2. This completes the transcript replacement process and all annotations, links, designations and video remain in place as in the original copy.

When adding a rough/temporary draft of a transcript that is meant to be replaced later, please follow the below steps:

  1. Import the ROUGH copy of the transcript into Opus 2.
    1. If no work product is applied to the ROUGH copy, the user may delete it AFTER uploading the FINAL copy.
    2. If work product has been applied to the ROUGH copy, continue to step #2.
  2. Upload the FINAL copy (in LEF file format) via the Import Transcript function.
  3. Once the final copy has been uploaded to Opus 2, navigate to the Documents tab. Locate the final transcript name within its respective folder, right-click, and select Import Notes.
    1. Select the rough copy of the transcript that contains the work product.
  4. Confirm that all notes and designations have been completed and correctly imported to the FINAL copy of the transcript.
  5. Delete the rough copy.