This process is helpful to users whose goal is to set a Tag back to Home level positioning after creating or moving the Tag to a nested location.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From the Documents tab, click on the Tags button to open up the Manage Tags dialogue box.
  2. Click to select the Tag that needs to be repositioned. 
  3. Click on Edit, and then, next to "Nest Under", click on Change in the Edit Tag dialogue box.
  4. Scroll down through the Select Tag dialogue to locate the selected Tag's highlighted parent (top-level) tag.
  5. Click on the parent tag. The highlighting will be removed. This signifies that the user has deselected the old parent tag and has set their selected tag to be positioned at the Home level in the Tags structure.
  6. Click on Apply to save this change.

  7. Click on Save in the Edit Tag dialogue, and then click Close in the Manage Tags dialogue. The tag will now be at the home level and will not be nested under another tag.