Document and Note Tags can be managed (edited, deleted or reordered) via the Tags button on the Documents toolbar.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To create a set of tags, or to edit or delete them at any time, click on the Tags button on the Documents toolbar to access Manage Tags.

  2. Alternatively, users can access Manage Tags while applying a note in the Notes dialogue box. Clicking on the small Notes icon at the bottom opens up the Select Note Tags dialogue box. (Please note: Manage Tags permission is set for specific User Roles. Contact Admin for more information)
  3. Manage Tags allows Users to Add/Edit/Delete document tags and notes tags.

    1. Name:  Title of the document tag.

    2. Nest Under: File a sub-tag within an existing document tag OR note tag, by clicking the Change button to assign a parent tag. 

    3. Shortcut Key: Assign keyboard keys 1-9 to a tag, which enables the User to press a number key when viewing a document to prompt them to apply the specific tag.

    4. Icon: Tags can appear as colored dots (for a document tag OR notes tag) or witness icons (for a document tag).

    5. Applicable to: Choose if the new tag is a Document Tag (applied to documents) and/or Notes Tag (applied to text)