Document Tags can be viewed in list format from the Document Tag Folder View in Opus 2.

Step-by-step guide


  1. In the Documents tab, view the Documents Tag folders by clicking on the Document Tag icon. The Documents Tag Folder View will list the document tags in a folder structure that has been set up on the workspace. 

  2. The number of documents marked with tthat specific Tag are listed next to each Document Tag folder.

  3. Users can toggle between the traditional Folder View of the document index and the Documents Tag Folder View.


  1. Click on View > Tags on the top of the page to view the Tags metadata field. The metadata field will list the document tag(s) associated with the document.

  2. Run the cursor over the Tag icon(s) in the field to view the Tag name(s). If the number of tags exceeds five for that document, Opus 2 will display a list of the tags instead.