The process of applying Tags to either individual or multiple documents at a time is quick and simple.

Step-by-step guide

  1. There are a number of ways to tag documents, which can be achieved by toggling back to the Folder View of the documents:

    1. Tag a single document
    2. Tag a selection of documents
    3. Tag a folder (and subfolder contents)
  2. Click on a document (or multiple documents using Shift or Ctrl key) - see above options for either single-document, multi-document or folder-level taggingRight-click and choose Add to, and click Tag. 

  3. Tick the relevant tag (or multiple tags) and click Apply

  4. The documents will then be tagged to the selection. The User will be able to view the documents in the Tag folder view and Tag columns view.

Tag Folder View (from Documents Tab)

Tag Columns View (within Documents Tab > Columns)