The Find box at the top of the Documents page will allow the User to search against document metadata, including the document name. Once the User begins to enter text, Opus 2 will only display documents if they match values in metadata fields. 

Please note: the Find function searches through document METADATA ONLY; for searching through the text within documents, please use the SEARCH tab.


The Find function only allows users to search for one metadata value at a time, i.e., one Document Name or one Beg Bates number. 
To find multiple items, you can search using a common value that would pull up the desired documents; for instance, if you use the Bates prefix "ABC_000", typing or pasting this into the Find box would pull up all documents with that prefix, i.e., ABC_00001, ABC_00002, etc.

For best results in finding multiple metadata values, it is recommended that the Bulk Organize tool be used.