Tag or move documents in bulk using the Bulk Organize tool.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In the Documents tab, click the Tools button, and choose the Bulk Organize tool.

  2. In the dialogue box, choose the metadata field that contains the unique values that will be used to match the documents, e.g. DocID, BegBates, magnumid. 

  3. In the empty box, type or paste the list of the unique values that identify the documents within the workspace. BEST PRACTICE: A user can obtain specific values out of Opus 2 by performing a CSV export out of the folder(s) containing the desired documents.

  4. Click the Find Documents button, and Opus 2 will run a search across the workspace for the unique values.

    1. Matched documents are highlighted in orange.

    2. Unmatched documents are highlighted in pink.

  5. To bulk tag documents: Click Select Tag to apply the bulk tag process (Opus 2 will run a search across the workspace to tag Documents with matching values). Type in the tag name in the search box to locate the tag, or create a new tag if needed. After selecting the desired tag, click Apply Tag. 

  6. To move documents in bulk: Click on Select Folder, which will trigger the Select a Document dialogue. Once the new destination folder is selected, click on Apply to start the move process.

  7. Documents tagged and/or moved will turn green. The documents that were not tagged and/or moved will turn pink.

  8. Hit F5 or refresh the browser to view the documents in their applicable Document Tag folders, and/or the new folder to which they were moved.