Documents in Opus 2 can be printed individually from the Documents view.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Individual documents can be printed from the toolbar in the documents view using the Print button on the far right. In the Print dialog, make the necessary selections.

  2. Click on Export to download a PDF version of the printout, or alternatively, click Print to generate the output to a local printer.
    1. Export: if selected, a status message will appear in the upper right corner of the box indicating the file is being generated. A PDF will be made available and will open in a new tab.
    2. Print: the Print dialog box will appear, including options for the destination printer as set up on the user's local drive.
  3. Users can also right-click on a document in the Document List view in the Documents toolbar, and choose Export.

  4. The Export dialog box displays Export options, including Advanced options (described in the Advanced Export Options section below), and allows users to determine whether or not annotations should be included.

NOTE: Different web browsers may display the PDF preview window in different ways than the image shown above. If the User cannot find the buttons to print, right-click within the document and select Print from the options menu.

We recommend that the Adobe PDF plug-in is installed to optimize viewing and printing.

Export Advanced Options

Advanced Export Option
Linked Documents
Choose to include the hyperlinked documents in the export.
  • Hyperlinked documents will be included in a linked documents folder, named with the document name containing the links.
Customized page formats for transcript:
  • Two per page (default)
  • Four per page (do not use if including designations)
  • Full page
Link Target Labels
Choose to include the name of the hyperlinked document in the following ways:
  • Above text (linked document name floats above linked text)
  • Left Margin (linked document name included in left margin)
  • Right Margin (linked document name included in right margin)
  • Overwrite (linked document name overwrites linked text)
  • Not Shown (original blue underlined text)
Include Highlights
Choose to red highlight annotated text.
  • Click on ‘Include annotations’ to include note text in margin.
Include Designations
For electronic transcripts only: Choose to Include Designations in export. One or more of the following options must be clicked to include designations:
  • Brackets option: Choose to display bracket next to designated text.
  • Highlights option: Choose to highlight text in designated colors.
  • Designation details: Choose to include designation margin boxes.
Include Cover Page(s)
Choose to include a cover page with a hyperlinked index.
  • Admin will be able to customize the metadata fields included on the cover page.
Related Documents
Choose to include related documents associated with exported documents.
  • Related documents are included in “Related_Docs” folder.
Include Natives
Choose to include native documents in exported set.
Include Filename Prefix
Choose this to export in sort order. Opus 2 adds a prefix to the document name to set order in zip file.
Page Label Orientation
Choose the page orientation of exported documents.