By default, Opus 2 uses the Doc. Name field as the file name when exporting documents and transcripts.


The naming convention for exported files can be based on a metadata field within Opus 2. These settings are applied across the workspace and can by adjusted by a Workspace Administrator from the Metadata page. Note: though you can influence how files are named upon export, you cannot eliminate the use of Doc. Name for exports.

Access the Workspace Admin tab from within the desired workspace.

  1. Click on Metadata on the left-hand navigation bar to expose the Metadata Columns.
  2. Identify the column(s) upon which you would like your exports to be named (i.e. Exhibit).
  3. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the column to expose the Custom Fields window.
  4. Check the box labeled Include in Export File Name. You may include as many fields as required. Each field will be separated by an underscore "_" upon export. Remember, the Doc. Name field will continue to be primary export name and any additional fields will be appended after Doc. name. 
  5. Export a document.