Create a parent (Master) and child (Attachment) relationship between documents.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Right-click on the Master document, or click on the Document Relationships (snowflake) icon in the Document toolbar, and choose Related Documents.
  2. In the Relationships dialogue box, click on the Emails tab, click on Add, click on Select, and browse to the attachment document(s) in the workspace.

Document View of Related Documents

  • Once the User has created relationships between documents, the Document toolbar will indicate by displaying GREEN if the document is a MASTER/ORIGINAL, or RED if a document is a DUPLICATE/TRANSLATION/ATTACHMENT. 
  • Click on the asterisk icon and then on the Manage Relationships on the bottom left to add, edit or delete existing relationships.
  • Click on the document (near the Type) to highlight in blue, to edit or delete from the relationship, or add a new document to the relationship.