When enabled, Opus 2 detects potential duplicate documents across the workspace. In the document index view, a duplicate icon is displayed next to potential duplicate documents.

Documents must have a similarity of 50% or more to be flagged as potential duplicates.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Duplicates Analysis must first be enabled in the Workspace Settings page of the Admin tab so that the tool can be used. (Ensure to click the Save Changes button after enabling this setting.)
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab and click on the Duplicates (Beta) link on the left-hand column menu.
  3. On the Duplicates (Beta) page, users can view all the documents that have been identified as having duplicates or near-duplicates.
  4. Navigate to the Documents tab to view the documents with their duplicates, now identifiable by an orange duplicate document icon. Click the icon to display the Duplicates dialogue box with a list of the duplicate documents; their status as Master or Duplicate; and the percent similarity to the Master. Use the radio button to assign the master document and its duplicates. Documents may also be reassigned a status of Not a Duplicate or No Change from the drop-down options. NOTE: A Master Document needs to be selected for each set of documents with duplicates.
  5. This Duplicates (BETA) dialogue may also be accessed by right-clicking on a selected document, then clicking More... and choosing Duplicates (Beta) from the sub-menu.
  6. The Related Documents functionality, which is applied once a document is assigned the status of Duplicate, is described below.
    1. Delete Duplicates: Choose the Master document, click to select (document will be highlighted in purple) any of the associated duplicates, and click Delete Duplicates.
    2. Confirm Duplicates and apply the Related documents functionality: Choose the master document, and confirm or delete the associated duplicates, and click on Apply. (Please see Related Documents – Duplicates section above for more details). The red (duplicate) and green (Master) asterisk icon will be applied appropriately. (Please note: Use the Related Documents functionality to choose to redirect notes to Master document.
  7. Click on Manage Duplicates to launch into the Duplicates (Beta) page. This page lists documents with potential duplicates and the number of sets of duplicates.

NOTE:  80% simliarity is set as a default threshold in the Manage Duplicates dialogue to detect potential duplicates that are 50% similar or more.