The User can fill in the New Entry dialog box to any level of completion.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Type: Drop-down menu includes default types (Fact, Meeting, Event, Letter and Email), and any custom types. 
  2. Status: Drop-down menu includes Disputed, Undisputed and Not Set. If the User chooses Disputed, the line will RED highlight. If User chooses Undisputed, the line will highlight in GREEN.
  3. Date: Drop-down menu allows Users to specify Date status On, Before, After, Range.

  4. Time: Drop-down menu includes multiple time zones.

  5. Tags: Users can apply tag(s) to the entry.

  6. Description: Users can apply a description of the entry, analysis and work product.

  7. Add a Source: Users can link source document(s) to the entry.

  8. Custom Fields: Users can fill in supplemental data relating to the entry within the respective fields.