Users can link a specific, selected section of a transcript/document only, or link entire documents/transcripts to a Chronology entry. There are two ways to do this within Opus 2.

Step-by-step guide

First, links can be added from within the transcript or document itself:

  1. Click and highlight the desired text to mark it up, and then click on the clock icon (indicating Chronology) to add this as a source to Chronology
  2. Click on the down arrow in the Select Chronology box to select the appropriate Chronology from the list.
  3. This gives the user the option to either create a new chronology entry or addto an existing chronology entry. Click on either option to open one of the dialogue boxes below:
    1. If creating a new entry, enter all the necessary details in the New Entry dialog box, and click Save.
    2. If adding to an exisiting entry, scroll down through the list of existing Chronology entries that appear within the Select a Chronology Entry dialog box (a selected entry will be highlighted in purple), and click Apply.

The second option is to link from the Chronology tab by selecting the text to be linked at the time the Chronology entry is created, or when editing an existing entry.

  1. To edit an existing entry, right-click on the entry and select the Edit option. This opens up the Edit Entry dialogue.
  2. Click on the Add A Source button in the Chronology Event dialogue. 
  3. In the Select A Document dialogue, drill down to the Transcript or Document that contains the text for linking.
  4. To link a Chronology entry to an entire transcript or document, click on the small document icon to the left of the desired transcript/document in the Select A Document box. 
  5. To link only to SELECTED TEXTwithin a document or transcript:
    1. Click on the document from within the Select A Document box, which will launch a preview of the document. 
    2. Scroll or search to locate the page and/or section of the page that contains the desired text. 
    3. Mark it up and then click on the Create Link button to add the text as a linked source to a Chronology entry. 
    4. This will allow selection of the correct Chronology and Chronology entry to link the page/portion of text to.
    5. Once this is done, clicking on the linked source icon in the Sources column next to the chosen Chronology entry will open up a preview pane displaying the marked-up text within the transcript/document.
    6. A little blue diamond icon will now appear in the upper right corner of the highlighted text. indicating it has been linked.