Click on Manage Chronologies and select any of tabs in order to do the following:

  • Add a new chronology or custom field, type or status.
  • Edit to edit the name or any relevant settings of a chronology or custom field, type or status.
  • Delete to delete an existing chronology, field, type or status.
  • Move Up
  • Move Down
  • Apply Order 
  • Cancel Order

Custom Fields

ADD: Create up to 20 custom fields in a Chronology and reorder all fields as desired. Click on Add to create a new field and set the appropriate field type: 

REORDER: Click on the checkboxes next to the fields that need reordering. Use the Move Up and Move Down controls to arrange the sequence of fields. Click on Apply Order to finalize changes. Click Cancel Order to undo.

EDIT FIELD: Click on the checkbox to select a field, then on Edit to revise the field name and type.  Click Save to finalize changes.


DELETE FIELD: Click on the checkbox to select a field, then on Delete to remove the field from the  Chronology. A confirmation message will pop us asking the user to confirm the  deletion; click on OK to finalize.


Custom Types

Current default types in the Chronology tab are Email,  Event, Fact, Meeting, Letter and None. Users can supplement the default types based on the needs of the case. Click on theTypes tab in the Manage Chronologies dialog and select Add to create a new custom type. 

Enter the name of the new Type and hit Save to finalize changes.

Once the new type has been created, it will appear in the Type tab options.


Custom Statuses

New statuses for Chronology entries  can be created in the Statuses tab of Manage Chronologies. Click on Add and type in the desired name for the new Status.

Assign a color to the status by  clicking on the Color icon and selecting the desired color from the palette. Hit Apply to save the changes.

To remove an assigned color, hit  “Remove Color” in the New Status/Edit Status dialogue. Hit Save to finalize any  changes.

To EDIT or DELETE a status, click on the checkbox to select the  status, and then hit Edit or Delete. Hit Save to finalize any changes.