Once the archive is created, users may select from the following options:

  • Download – Click on the down arrow icon to save the zip file to the local drive. 
  • Delete – To permanently remove an archive from Opus 2, click on the X button in the row corresponding to the archive. This will prompt the user to enter their Opus 2 password. The archived workspace will then be removed from the Archive Manager page. 
  • Upload Archive – This option is accessible via the Upload Archive button in the upper right-hand corner of Archive Manager. Click on this button to upload an archive zip file from the local drive so that it be restored in Opus 2. Clicking on Upload will prompt for the Archive password and the User’s Opus 2 password to be typed in and applied before the upload can begin. From here, the uploaded file can be unarchived at a later time.
  • Unarchive – The Unarchive button allows for an archive that is still listed in the Archive Manager page to be fully restored and available to Users. Selecting Unarchive will also prompt for the User’s Archive and Opus 2 passwords to be applied.
  • Validate – The zip folder will be checked for corrupt content.