Please note that a stamp first needs to be created via the Manage Document Stamps tool before it can be selected or applied to a document.                                                          

Step-by-step guide

  1. To apply Document Stamps, right-click on a document in the Documents tab. Click on More... and then select Document Stamps from the sub-menu. 

  2. This will open up the Stamp Chooser dialogue box where a pre-existing stamp can be selected and applied to the document within Opus 2. This stamp can also be set up to display on exported copies.
  3. By default, all stamps are hidden.

    1. To apply a stamp or stamps to the document, click the drop-down in the Display column that corresponds to the In Magnum option, and select Show. 

    2. To adjust the position of the stamp in the document, click Adjust under Position and enter the necessary adjustments.

  4. Stamps can also be applied to multiple documents at a time. If all documents are in one folder in the Documents tab (either in the Columns view or Tags view), right-click on the folder (if ALL documents for stamping are within one folder) OR open the folder containing the documents. Highlight to select the desired documents, right-click, and select Document Stamps. 

  5. To view a stamped document, double-click on a document or click on the Document Preview.

  6. Once the document is open in a separate tab, the position of the stamp in the document itself may be adjusted. To make adjustments, click on the stamp and drag-and-drop it to the desired position. The Move Stamp dialogue window will appear and its distance values will change as the stamp is moved.

  7. Click Apply to save your changes.

STAMPS vs. TAGS: If the documents are in different folders, it is recommended that Document Tags be used to identify the documents that need to be stamped. Refer to the Tags section of this User Guide for instructions on how to apply Document Tags.  For example, if you want to apply Trial Exhibit stamps, you may create a Document Tag called “Trial Exhibits”. Apply the Tag to all documents you want to stamp. Once the Tags are applied, switch to the Tags view.